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Florist in Jackson MS

Florist in Jackson, MS

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Florist in Jackson

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Whitley's Florist & Flower Delivery is a florist in Jackson, MS. A florist works in a flower shop and designs floral arrangements for many different events.
Florists also help design indoor and outdoor venues for every kind of party. They fill spaces with vibrant flowers based on the customer's needs.
There are generally two types of floral designers in a flower shop when it comes to the craft of floristry.
Florists might adopt pre-arranged layouts for their flower arrangements; this is practical when selling floral arrangements on the internet or in flower shops.
Florists can also fashion their own original arrangements. These floral designers typically do commissions to create floral arrangements for particular events.
Beyond that, florists are also in charge of caring for flowers. From florals to foliage and greenery, they have to know how to care and take care of their products.


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Tend to be inventive, ingenious, and perceptive. For some, particularly local flower shop business owners, they can even be enterprising and ambitious.
Florists are also called flower arrangers, floral designers, floral artists, and floral arrangers.
Florists put their work into helping customers convey themselves. They help customers pick the best arrangement for all occasions. Whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day date, business activities, or funerals - there is something for everybody!
Floristry involves growing and caring for flowers. It also calls for hand-picking flowers and putting together floral arrangements and beautiful bouquet.
Floristry is combining blooms and plants into a unique arrangement. Then, florists set them in containers, baskets, flower pots, and vases.
They craft all styles of floral arrangements for their customers. This could be bouquets, sprays, wreaths, vase arrangements, or even dinner table centerpieces.
For each and every order, florists make certain that the flowers go with the client's unique needs. This is a big part of why their work is called "floral design" or "floral art".
Florists also need to have experience in different areas to enter the business. These include the following: designing of numerous flower arrangements, care and conservation of fresh flowers, Production, marketing, and trade of flowers, same day flower delivery, Sale and promotion of floral products.

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Why Choose Whitley's Florist & Flower Delivery Services?

The art of floristry traces back to Eastern traditions. It started with styling flowers to give as presents to loved ones.
Later, types of floral design sprung up from Europe, Japan, and China. This led the way for floristry to become an official business.
In the east, the oriental style of floral design focused on the lines of flowers. Its main concern was creating compositions with a satisfying balance.
This comes from their philosophies on harmony and unity. They express this aesthetic through blending flowers and foliage.
In the West, the traditional style of floral design prioritized the use of flowers en masse.
It worked towards an asymmetrical effect. With this, it achieved rhythm and creativity in the mix of blossoms and greens.

Floristry first came to be a business in the Netherlands in the mid-19th century. Merchants sold pre-made bouquets to their buyers as decoration.
Over time, it became an industry offering wholesale orders of flowers. It also provided gardening supplies for the care of flowers.
Retail shops also supplied freshly-plucked blooms and arrangements. They designed bouquets for a wide variety of events based on customers' requests.
Since the late 19th century, academic institutions have recognized floristry as a formal course. Colleges across the Dutch islands were the very first to offer floristry programs.
This trend expanded across the continent of Europe. Soon, it arrived at the U.S., where the industry of premier florist began. Florists then worked hard to keep their status as a growing industry in the market.
Today, most premier florist provide delivery services direct to the customer or recipient. They also present the option of putting orders through phone call or their shop's web site.

Florist In Jackson, Mississippi


Are you in the Jackson, Mississippi area and are looking for a business that does same day flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Jackson, Mississippi. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

What Do Florists Do?

So now we know a whole lot more about floristry! We also found out how it developed into a booming industry over time.
What you may be asking next is: What is it that florists do, exactly?
Florists are a part of some of the most important moments in people's lives! We play a crucial role in birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and many more events.
We commit to helping people share themselves and their feelings through flower arrangements. We're dedicated to giving top quality service at all times.
Whatever your needs are, we'll help you choose the perfect flowers and arrangement!
As florists, we help you celebrate milestones in your lives in a delightful and creative way. We let you express deep emotions through personalized bouquets!


Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi. The statewide Mississippi Freedom Trail runs through the city, encompassing a number of historic sites that were significant in the civil rights movement. These include the Medgar Evers Home Museum and the landmark Mississippi State Capitol building. In leafy LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science includes an aquarium and nature trails. Jackson, Mississippi coordinates at 32.333975,-90.173314.

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