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We're a real brick and mortar florist located 4 miles from the center of Pearl.

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Whitley's Florist & Flower Delivery
740 Lakeland Dr
Jackson, MS 39216
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Shelby ConleyShelby Conley
6 days ago
I was a victim of a fraudulent charge, someone used my card info from a skimmer or online info that was hacked, they knew to match my home zip code to the card for the online purchase to go through. People say cons aren’t smart but they’re priorities just aren’t in the right place. I feel so bad for Robert Whitley losing money on this, he immediately refunded me Monday as the incident happened over the weekend. He said this happens frequently due to online orders. It’s very sad !! This man has to pay back those bank disputes ! He’s a local owned shop and anyone buying flowers with other people cards should know they’re hurting his business. You’re not robbing Peter to pay Paul. You’re robbing Peter for Polly and then ROBERT is the one who ends up with the repercussions. This man is out time, product, his business name has been associated negatively from this. WHITLEYS has Great customer service!! Beyond what this day and age deserves. I hope in the future I get to use this business ❤️
one week ago
I ordered flowers for my dear friend to bring her a piece of joy as she was remembering her only sister 1 year death anniversary. I never saw the flowers, but my girlfriend said they were absolutely beautiful. I only wish I had requested the flowers to be delivery early morning thur noon. That was my own fault not the florist. Thank You Whitley Florist for a great job.
Boomer RebBoomer Reb
one week ago
I ordered flowers from Whitley’s for my mother‘s birthday, and she could not have been more pleased with them!
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